A Fabulous Walk in Kerry

Over the weekend, I felt like spending a bit of time on my own in the countryside so Saturday I headed to Torc just outside Killarney in Kerry.

To get to the start of the walk, you have to turn off the main road and drive for a few minutes through a wood.

As soon as I started the walk, I knew I made the right decision to come. The pathway leads uphill through woods and streams and the peaceful sense of being in nature and away from it all was immediate.

It was an overcast warm day.

Every few minute’s fellow walkers would pass by with a quick “Hi” and I noted many different nationalities.

Climbing Torc takes about 30 minutes. Well it would if I didn’t stop every few minutes to take in the stunning views of hills and lakes. The sense of peace and being at one with nature felt very strong.

The path up is only wide enough for one so every few minutes as fellow walkers were descending, I would step to one side and take a quick breather while exchanging pleasantries.

The views at the top were even more stunning looking over the Killarney lakes, numerous hills and all the way over to the Dingle peninsula.

I had some lunch, which is always the reward for reaching the top and took in the stunning scenery while breathing in the fresh air.

After lunch I grabbed a journal I brought and spent half an hour jotting down my thoughts. Not sure if you do this much but I find in the process of writing stuff down, that I often write something I never thought of before and it sometimes stops me in my tracks.

What I wrote covered all the important areas of my life – family, relationships, friends, work, exercise/diet, personal development etc.

On the work side of things, I pondered some of the stuff that happened over the last week, especially marketing as I have intentionally ramped that up.

I sent 20 letters to accountants, followed up with an email, 3 people responded and I have 2 meetings next week. Without going into too much detail, those letters/emails had an incentive and specific call to action and 3 out of 20 people responded.

That’s what’s called ‘Direct Response Marketing’ when you do some marketing and you can measure how many people respond.

You also got a couple of emails from me about a webinar I’m hosting on Wednesday. While I did have some technical issues with the video on the landing page, I was still surprised at the low take up rate.

When you do any marketing like this, you will never know in advance how it will go.

One of my favourite sayings ever, that applies equally to business and to life is:

“Communication is the response you get”

When you do marketing, you will get a response. It can be good or bad. When I got a poor response to this webinar, it’s easy to think “This is a great webinar – why haven’t more of those so and sos signed up?”

But of course this is not the right response. Communication is the response you get. Maybe my message wasn’t clear. Maybe you’re thinking ‘what’s he selling this time’.

I don’t know for sure and it’s the same when you do any marketing.

So I will tweak the response and try something different.

But here is one thing I wrote in my journal yesterday. I asked myself “why am I doing this”? What is my “Why”?

The answer I wrote is the same one from 13 years ago when I left corporate life and started my own business.

“Because I’m passionate about helping business owners improve their business, which can give them more freedom and feed into their personal lives”.

That is the first thing that will never change.

Deep down I think we all have similar. We all want to help people in some way. We want to give value and feel that what we do is important.

We want to contribute to helping other people and in doing so, we can feel that what we do is important and so our lives are significant.

Me helping business owners is how I feel good and significant in my life.

And here is the second thing that will never change.

If you’re not happy with some aspect of your business like your sales, profits or how much you take from the business, then something has to change.

I’m sure you know the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing but expect a different result.

If you feel your business is just a photocopy of last year, then please stop and think about what you need to do differently.

This is not, in any way, a sales pitch. This is 100% about you. If you’re not happy with your business, then you are going to have to start doing things differently.

If this rings true for you, I would appeal to you – stop what you’re doing, grab a pen and paper and start writing down what you need to change in your business.

Then pick one thing and start today.


P.S. The link for Wednesday’s webinar is here http://goo.gl/M74Oo9