How a Wholesaler Grew Sales by 42% in a Recession

The 80:20 case studies have been very popular, so here is another one.

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80:20 case study – How a Wholesaler Grew Sales by 42% in a Recession
1. This pharmacy wholesaler had 300 active customers.
2. It was a cut-throat sector and they were in the middle of a big recession.
3.   Sales were flat for the previous 3 years.

Based on this analysis, the following decisions have been made
A. They focused all their sales efforts on their whales who made up 18% of their customers.
B. By surveying these 45 customers, they found out their current and future needs.
C.  They slowly and steadily grew sales with these customers until by year-end, sales had doubled or trebled with these whales.
D. At the end of that year, total sales had grown a remarkable 42% and profit margins were up 2%.
E. This growth was achieved by focusing all their attention on growing their whales.


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