This Is So Easy

Was with a client last week and he told me this.

Think I would have loved this anyway but especially now at the moment when I’m so focused on 80:20.

Let’s call him Michael.

His sales will increase this year by over 40%.

That’s a great achievement, especially in a very competitive sector.

How did he do it?

They identified their top customers and decided they wanted to increase sales with them.

How did they approach this?

Design new fancy products?

Bring them to the top football games?

Survey them?

None of the above.

What did he do?

Michael went to his top customers and asked “What do we have to do to grow our sales with you?”

Ok – he might not have been that blunt.

But that’s more or less what he did.

And guess what – the customers told him.

It’s a very competitive market so in some cases, he had to drop his price by 10 cent on an item selling for 6.50 (that’s less than 2%).

And by making a few changes like this they doubled their sales with their top customers.

Which all helped his sales grow by over 40% this year.

A core message in 80:20 is that – “Your customers are not all the same, so don’t treat them the same. Some are much more valuable than others. Know who they are and work closely to grow your sales with them.

And focus your marketing on finding more like them.”

How difficult is that to do?

Is there any reason why you can’t do this?

The correct answer is “No Neil, there isn’t”.

Is there any reason why you can’t do that this week?

Ditto with the answer.

Just do it.