What Little Johnnie Did In School

Johnnie was a 6 year old boy who really liked school but he struggled with maths.

His teacher told him he was no good at maths.

His parents told him he would never be good at maths.

His fellow pupils …..

I think you get the picture.

For most of his time in school, he did not like maths and struggled with them.

This was fueled by his belief that he was “no good at maths”.

This was his ‘story’ about maths.

Then one day, the teacher put up a tough maths puzzle and asked the class if anybody could answer it.

After looking at it for a few moments, and to his own amazement, Johnnie realized he could solve the tough problem.

Johnnies put up his hand saying “I can solve it” but the teacher just laughed at him. He persisted and put up his hand again and this time all his classmates laughed.

As this stage, he was growing more frustrated and annoyed so he marched to the top of the class, grabbed the chalk and to everybody’s amazement, he solved the problem.

Johnnie wasn’t bad at maths. In fact he was very good at maths. But because he was a slow learner when younger, he was told by teachers, parents and students that he was no good at maths.

All of this formed his belief that he was no good at maths and we always act in a way consistent with our beliefs, so Johnnie continued to be poor at maths because that’s what he told himself.

And he could have gone through life thinking that way if it wasn’t for that day in class.

Beliefs are powerful.

They are often formed when we are young.

And we don’t choose them – just like Johnnie, our beliefs are often formed by teachers, parents and other figures of authority and influence.

That day in class changed Johnnie’s life. He went on to have a very successful career as a maths professor.

What’s all this got to do with me, you may well be asking.

And the answer is “Everything”.

Your beliefs shape everything about your life. Your business, relationships, religious beliefs, politics etc.

Numerous studies of successful business people has revealed that these people are not more intelligent than you or me. They have the same knowledge about business as most other people.

So why are they successful while many others struggle to take their business onto another level?

It’s their beliefs and awareness of them.

Your beliefs can hold you back like an anchor.

I have studied this topic extensively in the last year and made a major breakthrough in recent weeks. Awareness of our beliefs is a lifelong journey and I still have a long way to go.

So, what was my breakthrough?

When I was challenged by something, I simply wrote down my negative beliefs and challenged them. So if I was saying to myself “you don’t have the experience to do X, I listed off the different times I had done X, which meant I had plenty of experience”.

Quite often our beliefs have no basis or facts and won’t stand up to much scrutiny.

You might remember this the next time you have a challenge – maybe a new customer or a new service you’re thinking of doing. It could be a marketing piece.

In recent weeks, I sent emails telling how vouchers or asking for referrals can really boost sales.

What did you say to yourself when you read those?

Was it “my business is different, that would never work” or maybe “My customers wouldn’t like that” or “I couldn’t do that”.

Like me, you’re not short of ideas to grow your sales.

The biggest obstacle to your business may well be what you see in the mirror every morning.

If you can understand these beliefs and control them, you can have the business and lifestyle of your dreams.

Please keep this email in mind and challenge your beliefs the next time they try to stop you.